Smart Community Open Source


The software developed by SmartCommunity available as Open Source. This page provides some documentation about the approach that has been followed and about how to take full advantage of the public release of SmartCommunity code base. The components of the overall SmartCommunity code base are published under the ​Apache License Version 2.0. The access to the source code is free.


The open source release of the project code base is one of the way by which SmartCommunity is trying to build an pro-active community around the design and development of services for the students of the University of Trento.

The goal of the SmartCommunity open source release is to allow anybody within our growing community to actively contribute to the development of new services. More precisely, the goal of this initial release is to enable the development of Android client applications based on the SmartCommunity platform. Future releases of the code base will grant the possibility to contribute also to the development of the SmartCommunity platform itself.


The infrastructure of the Open Source release consists of:
  • a set of GIT repositories
  • a Nexus artifact repository

Currently, the release involves four different kinds of artifacts:

  • VAS (Value Added Service): the services implemented within the SmartCommunity project (splitted into components):
    • Android client
    • web application
    • domain libraries
    • libraries for wrapped external services
  • platform components in two flavours:
    • as source code
    • as libraries (on a artifact repository)
  • common libraries for Android client apps
  • wrapping of external services


The code is stored into a set of ​Git (GitHub) repositories.

The repositories can be browsed on the web at ​

The contents of the Git repositories is available for download at the following URLs:

To check out the code from any of these repositories(anonymous, read-only Git access), do this: git clone For instance to checkout a platform project the command to be issued is:
git clone
To do the clone, you’ll need Git:


Some portions of the code that are used by the platform/services, but that are not part of SmartCommunity production, are made available, under their own license, as libraries on a Nexus instance. The downloadable packages, depending on the artifact, may include one or more of these subpackages:

  • source code snapshot
  • binaries
  • API docs


All the code developed within the SmartCommunity project is available under the terms of the ​Apache Software License version 2.0